We Bought A House

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It started on car ride from Houston to Austin. “Wouldn’t it be cool to buy a house, rehab it, and make it so cute?” Three months later we were closing on our very own fixer upper. That's how most major life decisions go, right?

To be fair, this topic had come up many times in the past, as we both have a (admittedly amateur) passion for renovation and design. However, with the insanity that is the Austin housing market, we really had no idea if we even had a chance of being able to buy anything (more on this soon).


Anyway, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

I'm Emily (on the right) and on the left is Emily. We are best friends, first time home buyers and first time rehabbers.

We started this journey with no clue how to buy a house, and having recently closed, it's already been an adventure up to this point. We’re learning as we go and documenting the good and the bad for your amusement and, hopefully, as a resource for other first time rehabbers. 

ok, time to search for matching overalls. talk soon. 

Em & Em