Mid-Century Modern, Eichler & Colorful 70's Design Inspiration

While we're stuck in the doldrums of foundation issues, i've been keeping myself creatively stimulated by dreaming of design possibilities. My personal aesthetic preferences are quite eclectic but I do generally tend to love mid century modern, as well as colorful 70's design. I wanted to share some of the images that have been inspiring me lately. 

The current style of our house is pretty standard 60's cottage, and I love to envision it with a more palm spring modern vibe with lots of pops of color. Bright color and mid century modern design are both huge here in Austin, as people are renovating/flipping many of the older homes. 

If we do decide to go in this direction with our house, I want to make sure that we do it thoughtfully and organically.Will we be able to pull it off? The truth is I don't know. Since this is our very first project, we are sure to make plenty of mistakes, but I do want to keep authenticity and cohesion in mind as we make design decisions. 

I've been particularly into Eichler homes lately - specifically the exteriors. Joseph Eichler was an architect who built mid-century modern tract houses in California between 1949 and 1966. As I said, our home is cottage style, but I do think if done correctly we could definitely get away with some Eichler vibes. 

Alright that's it for now, Em V. is working on a post about our foundation woes, so stay tuned to hear more about what will (hopefully) be the biggest repair project on our house.

Talk to you soon,

Em O.