Inspiration: Op Art

I’ve found myself drawn to op art for as long as I can remember. It was interesting putting together images for this post, because I realized just how many times op art was included in inspiration photos i’ve saved over the years. 

I mentioned it before, but one of the main design challenges i've struggled with for our house is how to stay true to my love for pattern, geometrics and color while remaining focused on both budget and resale. 

Enter op art. 

It's important to match the shape of your op art to the shape of your fireplace.

It's important to match the shape of your op art to the shape of your fireplace.





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We’ve decided that op art might just be the answer to creating visual interest while allowing us to keep much of the other details simple. 

There are two spaces we are currently contemplating incorporating an op art pattern — the main bathroom floor, and the studio apartment floor. 

The studio will be a short term rental property. (Please keep us in mind if you are visiting Austin later this year!) As frequent STR guests ourselves, we know how important special aesthetic details are to creating a memorable stay. Since we are working with such a small space, we want to make smart design decision that will hopefully have a huge impact.


I came across what I think is the perfect op art patterned cement tile for the studio apartment floor, and fell in love…until I realized it would cost us 4 grand. Em V. and I had a good LOL (followed by a single tear) about that one. My devastation led me to start researching painting this pattern on the floor to achieve a (hopefully) similar look. 

From what i’ve read, this idea is plausible. How difficult it will be, and how well it will turn out is completely TBD. I know better than to believe fully in online tutorials at this point. Here are a couple of the resources i’ve found in case you are interested. Also if you have experience with this, please let me know!

Faux Cement Tile Painted Floors

DIY Tumbling Block Painted Tile

More to come on plans for the studio, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy some of my favorite op art inspiration photos. There are also a million more on my pinterest board. 


Emily O

***All of these images were found via Pinterest and can be found here, or linked individually on click through.