Inspiration: Op Art

I’ve found myself drawn to op art for as long as I can remember. It was interesting putting together images for this post, because I realized just how many times op art was included in inspiration photos i’ve saved over the years. 

I mentioned it before, but one of the main design challenges i've struggled with for our house is how to stay true to my love for pattern, geometrics and color while remaining focused on both budget and resale. 

Enter op art. 

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Inspiration: Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti's body of work is vast and eclectic. I've read that curators have struggled to put together exhibitions because summing up his broad range of styles and experimentation is extremely tricky. 

I relate in a sense, I hate trying to describe my style-- whether it pertains to interior design, clothing or general aesthetic preferences-- despite the fact that I would definitely characterize myself as someone with very particular taste. I don't fit into a specific box, and as soon as I think I've sorted it out, something completely unrelated blows me away. 

The two components that do flow consistently through the designs I'm drawn to, however, are color and geometric patterns. With this in mind, my love for Gio Ponti is a no brainer. I find Ponti's use of color and pattern endlessly inspiring.

I am in love with this muted pallete. 

I am in love with this muted pallete. 

Ponti also liked to design the furniture, lighting and accessories of his spaces, like these incredible plates. 

Ceramic tile is almost nauseatingly trendy at this point, but looking at Ponti's design renews my interest. The geometric shapes seem more thoughtful and the color choices refreshing. 

You can see more of my favorites here. - Em O

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